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力格:   FISHING BOAT WORLD (JULY 2004) 累己老 :   2005.03.15.

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Time and cost saving fishing gear design systems

MPSL has developed software for fishing gear design and simulation since the company was established in 1995. MPSL has become one of the world's leading companies in the field of computer aided design tools and diagnosis of performance for fishing gear systems.

In the series of MPSL's Products there is software for fishing gear design and simulation of trawl, purse seine and tuna long-line operations, and tutorial programs of methods of tapering, composition of fishing gear and making knots.

It also provides a diagnosis of the performance of various underwater flexible structures.

MPSL's two most popular products include:

1.Tuna Long-line gear Design and Simulation Program

This program aims at designing a tuna long-line gear and simulating its dynamic behaviour.
To design tuna long-line gear, input the number of baskets and branch-lines and set the size of the materials from the database. In this program,it is possible to simulate a long-line gear in various and accurate ways according to reduction ratios and tidal currents of different water columns.

2. Purse Seine gear Design and Simulation software

This enables the design of various purse seine gear and simulation of their operations at a very economical price. It can simulate all purse seining procedures from shooting to pursing. It even offers construction cost analysis.

MPSL claim that their programs guarantee substantial time and cost savings when designing and simulating the operations of fishing gear.