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Software simulates purse seines

MPSL of Pukyong, South Korea, says that its SimuPurse software can be used to sumulate various types of purse seine gear for sizes of fish ranging from anchovies to tuna.

The company is a venture business founded by Marine Productions System Laboratory of the College of Fisheries Science, Pukyong National University of Korea.

It claims to be one of the world's leading companies in computer-aided design tools for fishing gear systems.

SimuPurse-one of fishing simulation software pro-grams MPSL makes-can be used to check parameters of purse seine nets such as sinking speed and depth, line tension, area of the circle, shape of the gear when shooting and pursing, and the effects of various oceanic cond such as current speed and direction.

SimuLine, which is for tuna longline gear design, lets users analyse hook rate by bait and depth, tension and shape of the gear can be varied in the software.

Other gear software is available for trawl gear. This program includes bottom and midwater trawls, multi-rig, pair trawl and Danish seine.

MPSL claims that a tutorial video program can be used to learn knotting methods for various types of rope and netting, and repair methods for nets.

The company is run by proffessors and graduate students. MPSL's software is used in all Korean fishing university programs and by all Korean net makers, claims MPSL.

For the world market, it says it can offer net makers and universities proven gear design and simulation programs at an economic price.