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力格:   WORLD FISHING (2002 11岿) 累己老 :   2005.03.15.

Simu Trawl from Korea proves its worth
SimuTrawl has been developed by MPSL. MPSL is founded by Marine Production System Laboratory, College of Fisheries Science, Pukyong National University in Korea.

SimuTrawl is a designing and analyzing tool for the engineering properties and performance of the trawl gear.

SimuTrawl can be used at the developing stage for new type gear and analyzing the performance for the existing gear. So we think this tool is usefull for
the developing engineer or designal of net marker, skipper of trawler, researchers. It can be used as a tutorial for students learning about fishing design and simulation.

SimuTrawl is developed through the scientific experiments between sea trial and simulation. It is designed for even a beginner who is not accustomed to using
a computer. The operating system adopted for thr software is Windows series.
Easy to design the trawl gear system using computer:

@A user cam design the trawl net just using mouse and keyboard
@A user can re-design easily.
@A user can save and load to designed net data
@Easy to analyze the engineering properties and performance of the designed net
@A user can see the shape and movement of the fishing gear in the water.
@Can checking the vertical opening, the horizontal opening, the trawling depth, spread of trawl doors and tension of each part.
@Can changeable the operation parameters such as trawling speed, warp length and design parameters during simulation
@Useful database: This tool provide a convenient database for the fishing gear materials and hardware appendages for gear. It is divided into detail small
group, float, sinker, otter board, rope, hardware and netting in the database.
@All data have several properties such as shape(figure), type, size, area, weight and others.
@It is also able to update information of accessories